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Welcome to the Benefice of Widcombe. We offer traditional Sunday morning services in our beautiful historic parish church - St Thomas à Becket; and vibrant band-led contemporary worship on Sunday evenings at our larger Victorian church - St Matthew’s, known to all as St Matts.


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Recent Sermons

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    2017: Acts 19 – Being filled with the Holy Spirit

    19/Nov/2017: Martin Geake speaks from Acts 19.1-20 on being filled with the Holy Spirit. Read More

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    2017: Acts 16 – God opens & closes doors

    12/Nov/2017: Mary Udale-Smith speaks from Acts 16.6-40 on how we respond to doors that God may be op

    Read More
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    2017: Acts 15 – Grace not Yokes

    05/Nov/2017: Jenny Buckler speaks from Acts 15:1-11 and Genesis 17:1-14 on God’s call for us each to

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God is calling us to be a Christian community that reaches out to the parish and beyond,
to invite people to encounter God's grace.
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8am St Thomas

Holy Communion (CW): a quiet spoken service at the

"We want to be a dynamic and vibrant church, seeking to be a blessing to the City of Bath, and beyond, with a three-fold perspective: Upward (radical worship of God), Inward (discipleship and community life), and Outward (mission focused; towards friends, family, our community, the city and beyond)..."