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Love is in the air…

Call me an old romantic, but this week the song that seems to be sticking in my head more than any other is that old 1977 classic by John Paul Young “Love is in the Air” – maybe not a name that’s too familiar, but a quick YouTube search will

Fake news or great news?

Fake news! Everywhere I seem to turn I keep hearing about fake news. Two years ago it was a phrase seemingly unheard of – now we’re told it’s one of the greatest threats to democracy, free speech and open debate. Of course, despite what Donald

Going for gold!

As February ended, so too did the 23rd Winter Olympics. It has provided some memorable scenes. Perhaps you remember the amazing 1218 illuminated drones for the opening ceremony flying above the darkened slopes and morphing into the iconic intertwined

The painful reality of loss…

As February arrives, many of us in the parish and further afield have been struggling with the painful reality of loss and bereavement. Never is this more in focus than at each of the funeral services that I have had the privilege and responsibility

Have a sparkling Christmas!

As we arrive in December, for many towns and high streets shimmering Christmas lights have been sparkling out into the darkness for weeks already. The “switching on” of these lights marks the official beginning of the season with crowds gathering

As the clocks go back…

With the clocks having gone back at the end of October, darkness falls so much earlier now. Those long summer days, when it was still light at 10pm, seem very distant and even with lasting mild weather, there’s an increasing chill in the air as win

The highest selling book of all time…

Each year in the month of October, on the last Sunday of the Trinity season before we start counting down to Advent, churches the length and breadth of the country celebrate the Bible on what has become traditionally known as, ‘Bible Sunday’ R

The body of Christ in action

By the time you are reading this edition of our monthly parish news, I should be winging my way back from Sri Lanka with my family after spending 2 weeks visiting our new Parish mission partners, Jeremie, Isabel, their daughter Kristen, their church

Love conquers fear

As many of you know, last month saw me step into the role of chaplain to Bath’s new Mayor, Ian Gilchrist, for the next year. The civic service which took place in the Abbey, marked the swearing in of the 790th Mayor and followed a civic procession,