Tim Buckley

Priest in Charge Loves church pioneering, family, guitars, Macs, jeeps and Jesus, not necessarily in that order...

St Matt’s Regeneration Project

St Matthew’s is one of two churches that make up Widcombe Benefice, along with the Parish Church of St Thomas a Becket. It is the largest church space in Bath save for Bath Abbey – seating some 500 in the main sanctuary with space to seat

Worship is the voice of hope

As April turns to May, plans for our wonderful new Wyvern Cantata 226 replacement organ at St Thomas à Becket move a step closer. Much of the money has already been raised (although any donations to help conclude our fundraising will be greatly appr

Confidence is a strange thing…

Muhammad Ali famously once said, “I don’t think it’s bragging to say I’m something special.” Of course to be fair, history somewhat proved him right. But what about other sports stars who seem to go from the heights of glory to the depths o

Ashes and stardust

I grew up attending non-conformist churches that didn’t engage much with the Christian calendar and thus remained largely unaware of seasons such as Advent, Epiphany and Lent. This has meant that the last few years have been a wonderful learning ex

Sacrifical love or fluffy hamsters?

As February arrives, with news of Presidential elections, refugee deportation, global upheaval and international uncertainty swirling all around us, strangely I found myself humming an old tune from the very first album I bought as a teenager back in

Poverty and generosity in Sri Lanka

January for many is a month of tightening belts after some of the excesses of the Christmas season. Indeed, in these days of austerity and financial uncertainty, most are feeling the pinch or far more cautious over their spending. The truth is we hav

Christmas Presence…

The year is 1941, it’s Christmas Day and as Americans tune their wirelesses into The Kraft Music Hall on NBC they hear Bing Crosby sing, for the first time, Irving Berlin’s now famous Christmas hit, “White Christmas”. According to the Gui

Mischief and magic

As a boy, growing up with three older brothers, pranks, magic tricks and other tomfoolery was a normal part of the Buckley household. I still vividly remember the time my brother and his friend put speakers under my bed and a light show in the garden

Light in the darkness…

This summer, amidst the rugged beauty of mountainous rural Spain, I was again reminded of one of the many things we so easily take for granted. Late one evening after a powerful storm we experienced a complete power cut. Darkness can be both a wonder