Stir-up Sunday…

Families can be quite complicated, can’t they? Being the youngest of four boys in a wonderful family where everyone most definitely had an opinion, I remember quite clearly occasions when those ‘differences of opinion’ became quite vocal! We lo

How, why and whodunnit…

I wonder whether you were one of the eleven million viewers who watched Jed Mercurio’s recent BBC series ‘Bodyguard’? Assuming, then, that you might perhaps be one of nine people who didn’t get drawn in: Richard Madden was bodyguard to Keeley

I lift up my eyes to the hills…

This month, we hear from our curate, Jenny: Hallelujah! This year we can certainly say we’ve had a summer… a summer that’s lasted more than 45 minutes one Tuesday afternoon, I mean! Whatever you’ve been up to and whether you’ve enjoyed or e

Football, what football?

 I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s been quite a bit of football on television recently. Love it or loathe it, every 4 years – at least as far as TV scheduling goes – the World Cup takes centre stage with 32 national teams battling

Love is in the air…

Call me an old romantic, but this week the song that seems to be sticking in my head more than any other is that old 1977 classic by John Paul Young “Love is in the Air” – maybe not a name that’s too familiar, but a quick YouTube search will

Growth after winter…

I am writing this on the warmest day of 2018 so far and, whilst I cannot predict what “treats” the weather will be delivering on the day you read this, we are assuredly out of the winter season. Forgive me if you are now rolling your eyes as you

Fake news or great news?

Fake news! Everywhere I seem to turn I keep hearing about fake news. Two years ago it was a phrase seemingly unheard of – now we’re told it’s one of the greatest threats to democracy, free speech and open debate. Of course, despite what Donald

Going for gold!

As February ended, so too did the 23rd Winter Olympics. It has provided some memorable scenes. Perhaps you remember the amazing 1218 illuminated drones for the opening ceremony flying above the darkened slopes and morphing into the iconic intertwined

The painful reality of loss…

As February arrives, many of us in the parish and further afield have been struggling with the painful reality of loss and bereavement. Never is this more in focus than at each of the funeral services that I have had the privilege and responsibility

God’s beautiful redemptive love

All of us who have responsibility for buildings, whether a home or, like me, for community buildings of historical and architectural value, will readily identify with the challenge of looking after and maintaining these places – especially roofs! Y