I lift up my eyes to the hills…

This month, we hear from our curate, Jenny: Hallelujah! This year we can certainly say we’ve had a summer… a summer that’s lasted more than 45 minutes one Tuesday afternoon, I mean! Whatever you’ve been up to and whether you’ve enjoyed or e

Football, what football?

 I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but there’s been quite a bit of football on television recently. Love it or loathe it, every 4 years – at least as far as TV scheduling goes – the World Cup takes centre stage with 32 national teams battling

Fake news or great news?

Fake news! Everywhere I seem to turn I keep hearing about fake news. Two years ago it was a phrase seemingly unheard of – now we’re told it’s one of the greatest threats to democracy, free speech and open debate. Of course, despite what Donald