Love is in the air…

Call me an old romantic, but this week the song that seems to be sticking in my head more than any other is that old 1977 classic by John Paul Young “Love is in the Air” – maybe not a name that’s too familiar, but a quick YouTube search will

09. What I miss most when I’m on holiday…

Holidays are such wonderful times; getting away from the phone and email, time spent with loved ones, perhaps finding some sunshine and space to relax and maybe read a book. Of course it’s always hard when holidays come to an end, but for me, the t

08. I’m dreaming of a summer holiday…

As July sweeps into August with the sun making sporadic appearances, I’m increasingly finding myself subconsciously thinking about double decker buses and whistling bursts of “Summer Holiday”. As many of us perhaps dream of setting off to find

07. I love holidays, weddings and parties…

And so, with roadworks complete, the sun in the sky, and long school holidays beckoning, Widcombe welcomes the arrival of July. For most clergy, July brings with it a flurry of summer weddings; brides and grooms hoping for glorious sunshine and famil

06. Flaming June and the end of the roadworks…?

And so another month arrives and with it the Summer! When I was young I always remember my mother referring to this month as “Flaming June”, which of course, because this is Britain, originally had nothing to do with a guarantee of early summer h

05. Month of love, romance (and my birthday)…

I really love the month of May (not least of all because it contains my birthday) but more importantly, it often seems to be the time of year when the warmer weather truly begins and flowers and trees fully start to bloom. It’s often said to be a t

04. Non, je ne regrette rien…

Edith Piaf very famously once sang, “Non, je ne regrette rien”. Well, unlike Edith, I rather regret a lot of things, sometimes on a daily basis… That third helping of cheesecake on Saturday while watching “The Voice”… The fact tha

03. What is Lent actually about?

We all love to hear good news, don’t we, and so on this damp, frosty, cold February morning, I am heartened by the thought that the 1st of March (according to the Meteorological Calendar at least) marks the official start of Spring. Hopefully the w

02. I Want to know What Love Is

Back in 1984, Foreigner famously cried out in song (join in if you know it) “I Want to know What Love Is” A couple of decades earlier the Beatles declared “All You Need Is Love” – mind you, they also sang “We All Live In A Yellow

01. Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas

A happy and blessed New Year to you all! Some of you may have noticed the sign on my office window at the vicarage given to me by a witty friend as a Christmas gift some years ago. It simply reads, “Jesus is for life, not just for Christmas”. Of