Soul Groups

What is a Soul Group?

Soul Groups are our mid-week groups, offering companionship and support on your Christian walk – worship, discussion, prayer, encouragement, challenge and support. Each group has its own unique style, but each aims to share and ‘do life’ with each other. Led by group members.

Soul Groups join together from time to time at Pastorates, which gives us a chance to worship together, learn together, and share together.

All are welcome to join a Soul Group, and we recommend you speak to Tim or Mu if you are interested in joining a group.

What is a Pastorate?

Pastorates meet occasionally, on Wednesday evenings at St Matts or in homes. Several Soul Groups come together for a time of worship, prayer, teaching, community – it’s different every time! If you have a good idea for a Pastorate topic or speaker, talk to your Soul Group leader…

When and where do Soul Groups meet?

Wednesday evenings around the city

Safeguarding in the Parish

Read our Safeguarding policy and find out who to contact should you have any concerns.