Life hubs

What is a Life Hub?

The Hubs offer companionship and support on your Christian walk – worship, discussion, prayer, encouragement, challenge and support. Each group has its own unique style, but each aims to share and ‘do life’ with each other. Led by group members.

Life Hubs meet at in the evenings on Wednesdays or Thursdays. These are groups of about 10-20 that currently mostly meet by Zoom. All are welcome to join a Life Hub, and we recommend you speak to Tim or Tamsin if you are interested in joining a group.

What is a Pastorate?

Please note Pastorate is unable to meet at the moment!

However, when it does, it meets from 7.30pm-9pm approximately once each month at St Matts. We all come together for a time of worship, prayer, teaching, community – it’s different every month! Usually, but not exclusively led by Tim. It’s a chance for all the LifeHubs to join together and meet as a whole.

Where do Life Hubs meet?

Greenway Lane, Midford Road, Oolite Grove, The Tyning

Venue to change shortly

Safeguarding in the Parish

Read our Safeguarding policy and find out who to contact should you have any concerns.