New Year’s Resolutions?

Want to make 2021 a bit different?

How about…

… reading the bible in one year? Or if that seems too much, how about the New Testament? Or give yourself 2 or 3 years… for resources and downloadable bible reading plans, see our Online Bible page.


… setting aside a space and time to pray daily at home. If you’re not sure how, you could start with Jenny’s Epiphany Daily Prayer – which gives you a short form of prayers and readings for each day of the week which are designed to be appropriate throughout the Epiphany season. You may also like to read Jenny’s blog, in which she reflects on the value of having a dedicated prayer space at home, and suggests other resources that might be helpful and inspirational.

If you are keen to pray with others, our Tuesday morning prayer group continues to meet by Zoom at 8am. For more details or the link, see our weekly emails, contact our Reader, Mary, or send an email via our Contact page. And details of our services are available here.


… if you are not yet in one of our new small “Soul Groups” but would appreciate the opportunity to meet with others weekly, also by Zoom at the moment, these meet on Wednesday or Thursday evenings. Contact Tim or Jenny, or use the contact page to send us a message.



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