Daily Prayer Resources and Information

Here you will find a copy of the full daily prayer booklet we have produced, alongside each day individually. Feel free to download, share, and use in whatever way you find useful.


In the Church of England’s seasonal rhythm of worship we resume ‘ordinary time’ which was interrupted by Lent, Eastertide to Pentecost. ‘Ordinary’ can sound dull and monotonous, but really with God it is extra-ordinary! It is a season of celebrating the entirety of Christ’s person and for walking in step Him in the ordinary, everyday. A season of being aware of heaven in the ordinary. A season to invite the still, small voice of God into the deep place within, in every part of daily life. A season of noticing that which may have been overlooked.

We continue to provide daily prayer through this season, but we are changing the format until end of October. There is a set of readings for each Monday of the month: first, second, third, fourth Mondays each month, with themed prayer pointers for Mondays. Likewise for each day of the week. We encourage you, in this cyclic rhythm to note patterns and answers to prayer. Perhaps note where you see fresh revelation of God’s Word connecting with the ordinary, everyday life.

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