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Parish Office | St Matthew’s Church | Widcombe Hill | Bath | BA2 6AA

Registered Charity No: 1182372

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Booking requests

We are not currently taking any new bookings in the church or church hall.

Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals

If you are enquiring about weddings, baptisms or funerals in the parish, please note we are in a period of vacancy and do not have a vicar. Please use the emails below to contact the Church Wardens if you need to discuss this further.


St Thomas Church Wardens:

St Matt’s Chapel Wardens:


St Matt's Church

St Thomas à Becket Church


St Matthew’s Church | Widcombe Hill | Bath | BA2 6AA


St Thomas à Becket Church | Church Street | BA2 6AZ

Parish Office | St Matthew’s Church | Widcombe Hill | Bath | BA2 6AA
For more information, please contact the Wardens on the addresses above

Registered Charity No: 1182372

Safeguarding in the Parish

Read our Safeguarding policy and find out who to contact should you have any concerns.